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GEAR Community

A community of developers and students where you can interact and make the team. Explore the science-tech related projects and works.

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We provide you different services to you like

  • support


    We give 24/7 active support to you. You may ask any kind of help realted codings or any others. You can also report members.

  • Engagement


    We have active chats & you can enjoy chating with our members. You can make friends and work together.

  • Marketing

    Games & Events

    We organize differents events in stage channel. Also, we play many games together with our members. Winner will get awesome gift.

Our Awesome Features To Serve You

We make it easiest for you through the different facilities

  • Promote your social account

  • Accept your suggestions

  • Provide you free gifts

  • Open Source Code

What We Do

Many peoples are bored staying home and doing nothing. Our goal is to create an interactive community where you can create and build ideas in the science and technology sectors.

  • Automated Ticket Routing

    Ticket System

    We accept all the ticket you have opened and review it.

  • Workflow Automation


    We will help you to complete your project and solve your errors.

  • Automated Callback

    Youtube Video

    We will make installization tutorial of open source code.

  • Customer Feedback Surveys

    Customer Feedback Surveys

    We will review and make our community better by seeing feedback

We do lots of new things make sure to join our server

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24/7 Customer Support

Our team is here to provide you with personalized and outstanding service. We also offer a range of self-learning tools in our support center:

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